Friday, August 8, 2014

hello #44 and counting

At some point we all stop and take an account of our lives, an introspective journey to discover answers.

> what is the meaning of my life?
> what am I supposed to be doing with my life?
> who am I?
> am I becoming who I want to be?

I'm spending some time looking back over my life right now. I think I'm in a rut (a grave with the ends kicked out).  I feel like I want to reinvent myself, to become the person I imagine myself to be...I think about her a lot and wonder when I will become her.

I've always thought of myself as a late bloomer, someone who hasn't met the milestones of life at the typical age of the general population. I'd rather not discuss on why I am a self-described late bloomer, but instead focus on the where-do-I-go-from-here?

I wanna do more art...give my aspirations to it fully.  I've been holding myself back, but now I'm ready to surrender to the longing of my heart and let go of that false aspiration to be something I don't want to be.  
Let's face it, there comes a point in life when you change gears and want to do something meaningful with the life you've been given.  
I've tried to conform to what I thought where the expectations of me and it has made me miserable and depressed.  I had this notion that I had to get a normal job with good pay and benefits and work until I could retire; but this mentality has had me locked up in a box, struggling to fit the mold.  
It is scary to get out of the mold aka the rut...but really, my biggest obstacle is between my own ears!  No one is stopping me from becoming an artist.  
However, can you really become what you already are?
Thus begins my introspective journey through art. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

College Grad quilts

Samantha's quilt was made using a jelly roll, charm pack and Kona solids.  It began as a trip around the world, but when I got bored, I began making random blocks, pinwheels and 4-patches that eventually became this quilt which I named: Paths of Righteousness. 

Julia's quilt was made with a jelly roll, charm pack and Kona solids.  Her quilt began with several log cabin blocks that I framed with white Kona jelly roll strips.  The overall effect if very modern and feminine, like the recipient.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Celtic Solstice, the Journey Begins

My baskets of fabrics!
I see star points!
My piles
My oops!

 My pictorial review of Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice Mystery part 1

Breakfast quiche (spinach & mushroom)

My roasted turkey breast & the humongous meat thermometer!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My MQG journey

Central Texas Modern Quilt Guild FB page

You know that moment when you get all excited about a project?  

You're all pumped about making new friends and sewing with those new friends and making quilts together...

...and your mouth runs off and you agree to start a quilt guild?!?!?  

Wait, what just happened here?

Then reality sets in and stressful thoughts sound like a long list of clich├ęs:

you are in way over your head...
you bit off more than you could chew...
you leaped before you looked...
you threw caution to the wind...
and the realization hits, "Oh dear Lord what did I get myself into and how do I get out of it?"

Well, yippee for not throwing in the towel...we had our first meeting at Quiltin' Country and 8 quilty gals showed up!  We're all official and everything, we have a FB page to prove it now!

Monday, February 25, 2013

QuiltCon 2013

 The inaugural event known as QuiltCon, was hosted by the Modern Quilt Guild and it was held right in my backyard in Austin, Texas!!!  I felt really fortunate to live so closeby and be able to attend...I guess moving around every 2 years or so, eventually puts you in the right place, at the right time! 

Here is a small photo montage of my wonderful experience from quilts and quilty goodies, to a celebrity sighting!!!!   

I went here, Robino hit up the RV show on the other side of the Austin Convention awesome is that, we got a twofer out of the deal!
Moda Bake Shop's booth gave out mini charm packs and these wonderful photos!  How fun is that?!

Keychain version of a mini Easy Angle ruler...a giftie from their booth.
Coats and Clark's booth had a zipper bracelet as a make and take project.

A passerby offered to take my pic for me...quilters are so friendly!

Yes, that is Amy Butler!!!
The Quilterhood welcomes QuiltCon

Spoonflower goodness!

I have tons more photos I want to share!  I will have to post pics later of some of the quilts on display.  I'm having difficulty getting blogger to cooperate!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sewing in my new home!

Whew!  Finally have most of the boxes unpacked or figured out where they belong anyway.  I found boxes that had been packed up from 4 moves ago (we've moved 6 times since we got married), we have a lot of crap, which I'm embarrassed by, but wanted you to get the gist of what I'm communicating. 
Robino has been saying we need to purge and get minimalistic...he may be onto a brilliant idea...I'm such a wise woman married to such a wise man!  

The Quilterhood's Newest Location Debut

Yesterday I got my sewing room unpacked and organized for the most part...obviously I have been sewing despite that fact!  There's a few ongoing projects up there on the design wall.  The mosaic squares (not sure if that's the correct name for what's up there, but I like it)--that's a leaders and enders project of 1.5-inch squares sewn together and I finally began joining pieces together.  I got inspired to do this when I saw the backing on Bonnie's Easy Street quilt!  If you scroll to the bottom of her post, you can see what I'm referring to.

The storage situation here has totes upon totes because I lost furniture pieces to other parts of the house. 
But I still have my six foot table, but instead of making an L-shaped area to sew-n-piece in (chuckle, chuckle...)  I have the table on the other side of the room to stack totes under it and other miscellaneous, sewing treasures!

My new room is an odd room without a closet, situated off of the living room, perhaps originally intended to be the dining room since it has these great French doors!  Well, it is now a repurposed room without any storage.  

I think I could find some new storage ideas at Ikea and its only 45 minutes away, the closest we've ever lived to one!  We're big fans of Ikea :) I counted 7 things in this photo that we've purchased from there!
 Speaking of Easy Street, the mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville.  I unpacked the steps I had been working on before we moved last month.  This is what I was working on today during her Quilt Cam, here is my progress on Step One.  Sets of 4-patches...look at those spinning seams!  I learned how to do that from this tutorial...yes, by Bonnie! 
LOL, I have to give this lady credit for being such a help to me via her books and her blog...guess that's what helped me to update my blog with a new post!!!  One day I will write a book too!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Scrap Busting with Leaders & Enders

The idea for Leaders and Enders (chain-piecing scraps in between the beginning and ending of your main quilting/sewing project), comes from the sewing genius of Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville.  

However, it isn't a new idea to me, I learned about it at a quilt retreat from some very experienced quilters who I really admire: (Michelle, Peggy, and Robin) these chica's probably produce a quilt a week, or sew it seams!
These are some pics of my Leaders & Enders project in various stages of development that have been an ongoing chain-piecing of 9-patch and spool blocks.  
Unfinished at 3.5 inches.       
Below is an example from a couple of summers ago using 1.5 inch scraps into a 100 square postage stamp quiltlet.  It was a Leaders and Enders project of leftovers from a quilt made of 30's fabric...I just didn't call it a Leaders and Enders project back then.

So I actually have been doing it, Leaders and Enders for awhile, but not on purpose...
I'm doing it on purpose now!
This has really got me excited about busting up my stash of various scraps & crumbs I have collected over the years!  And I don't have to feel guilty about keeping quilty castoffs because after awhile there will be a finished quilt born out of Leaders and Enders  Yeah me!


Is this news to you? Let me know!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Time to get crafty!

I needed a clock in the Quilterhood and necessity is the mother of invention!  So rather than go out and buy a clock, I decided to get crafty and use what I had on hand! 

Since we rent our home for now, I didn't want anything permanent on the walls.  I decided to mount this vinyl wall clock kit (that I got on clearance at Target a couple of years ago) onto a foam board...and this was the loverly result that will move when we move...which is in about 4 months!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Museum to musuem?

Me and Robino visited the The Columbus Museum yesterday...his idea, which I was like, "eh, ok, sure." 
I guess I haven't really had a museum experience before that didn't leave me feeling intimidated about my lack of artistic training or abilities, since my association with art museums has always been toward art pieces with straight lines and perfect paint placement.

However, our first encounter was with the traveling exhibitions which featured, contemporary approaches to historical decorative arts and design, titled "Past is Present." It was so out of the box, not what I expected... 

I was sooo inspired, especially when my husband began encouraging my artsy fartsy pursuits.  Now I am motivated to move beyond mere observation of ogling what others are creating, making, sewing, cooking, quilting, and pinning...and start DOING! (this is not the power of the home depot) LoL

This is where I'm at so far in this self-examination-exploration. 

Maybe my next step will be to use those 2 blank canvases I've been holding onto and create something!!!  Maybe one day someone will be inspired by me!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Fusion Blanket Crochet Along Blanket

***Update***I scrapped this project because it was too involved for a summer project, maybe in the future (during the winter) I will give it a go again!

I joined Little Miss Shabby's Flickr group to document my progress on my Fusion Blanket Crochet Along Blanket (I like it so much that I used blanket twice!)  I got inspired by Sewing Daisies tutorial of her Kaffe Fusion Blanket.  I chose 2 floral charm packs, both by Moda, that had similar shades of red, blue, and cream. 

However, the other colors, the grays from Etchings by 3 Sisters and the browns from Collection for a Cause-Legacy by Howard Marcus don't really jive with each other, so I decided to seperate them by using them on opposite sides.     I may or may not keep this particular layout. 

I'm making my blanket to measure 6 squares by 7 squares totaling 84 charm squares.  With the added crochet edging, each block should finish at 6 inches squared and that should make up to be a nice sized 36" x 42" lap quilt. I used up all of my charm squares with the exception of 3 oddball shades of blue that don't mesh well with the rest of the colors in either collection.


Here is my first practice block.  I used a neutral grey thread to top stitch my charm block.  I used red cotton crochet thread for my blanket stitch.

Little Miss Shabby provides a great tutorial on getting started with sewing the charm squares and adding the blanket stitching.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

It all started on FB...

Another project has just entered my long list of crafty to-do's.  And I have my friend Laura to thank for that when she posted on my FB wall back on June 22, 
' "Hey! Look at this!" '  

14 comments later and here is how it played out.

Christie:  Omg!  I love this Laura!  Thanks for sharing, you know I love to make it up as I go & this combines quilting AND crochet?!?  I won't promise this for your birthday THIS year, but maybe for your half birthday in March! Lol 

Laura:  Hahahaha! I wasn't hinting, but I wouldn't say "no," either. Isn't it pretty? I keep thinking I should learn to crochet!

    (Enter Robin, another of our quilty cohorts)
Robini have tons of KF charm squares....AND i know how to I need another project...thanks Laura! LOL

Laura:  I just don't want you to be bored, Robin! 
       (The instigator strikes again!)
Laura:  Look, Christie and Robin! There is a giveaway and stitch-along? (Crochet-along?) I am obsessed! LOL!  

 Today’s the day folks!  My cohorts and I are kicking off the Fusion Blanket Crochet Along with some great giveaways. =)

Robin:  oh! i might have to do it!
Christie:  So are WE doing this?
Robin:  I'm doing it!
Christie:  I'm doing it too!  Laura?
Laura:  I don't know how to crochet!  But I love it!
Christie:  Enough with your excuses Laura!

And so begins the journey of my Fusion Blanket Crochet Along...another post will document my progress! 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Hair Hair Hair

This is totally none quilt/sewing related, but nonetheless important to me as a trendy chica! Thought you'd like to check out a couple of hair blogs I came upon that have me doing up my 'do into new views... 

 Hair Tutorials 

 Hair Romance

Also this has kinda challenged me to get out of my ponytail rut, so for the next 30 few days, I'm going to attempt a new 'do everyday and document on Twitter @ScooterSissy


Monday, May 21, 2012

My Entry in the Bloggers' Quilt Festival: A Veggie Fruitalicious Mini Quilt

Amy's Creative Side is hosting the Bloggers' Quilt Festival and this is my quilt entry and it's story... 

I'm a member of an online group that meets yearly for a quilt retreat in Indiana.  This year I couldn't travel to be there, but I still wanted to play along in the mini quilt challenge.  

The only parameters:  
1.  measure less than  20" x 20" size
2.  it had to be quilted in some form or fashion
3.  the material had to be quilt shop quality.  
4.  embellish it, do embroidery, use wool, etc.  

So I set out to accomplish this challenge by first seeking inspiration inspiration came when I found this free pattern for "Fruit Slice" at Anthology Fabrics.  

Then it was just a matter of going through my fabric stash to discover some orphan blocks and strips I had cut for another project a couple years back.  

And so the creative process began and ended in the fruition of this mini quilt...HA!

From my stash: Farmer's Market by RJR Fabrics (2008) & Farmer John's Marketplace by Paintbrush Studios
One of several settings I auditioned, eventually eliminating the lime green HSTs...however I didn't totally eliminate all of the pinwheel blocks which I now have a new love/hate relationship with!

Cherries for the back proved to be a delicious choice!
  I added a white border of Kona cotton to make the jelly bean binding pop!  

And everything would have been all hunky-dory except...
So what do you suppose happened here??? 

Yep, I made my binding too narrow and I didn't have enough width to fold it over to the back! 

So a brilliant solution occurred to me after doing a google search of quilt bindings and I got inspired with the idea to finish my mini quilt with ribbon!  
You can see my progression in the photos...hopefully it's self-explanatory!

The finished size was 18" x 13" and it only took me about 5 weeks working off and on with it.  And every aspect came from my stash...something that made my husband happy! 

Oh, and I decided to keep my mini quilt instead of sending it to Indiana for exchange at the retreat... 
The overall finish using the ribbon, caused the mini quilt to not lay flat, but besides that, I am really pleased with the outcome and gained some improvisational experience...
and my very own mini quilt!

This is my post for my entry in the
please visit and enjoy the quilt show,
leave comments for a chance to win in the giveaways,
vote for your favorites...also, thank you in advance for voting for me!!!