Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Fusion Blanket Crochet Along Blanket

***Update***I scrapped this project because it was too involved for a summer project, maybe in the future (during the winter) I will give it a go again!

I joined Little Miss Shabby's Flickr group to document my progress on my Fusion Blanket Crochet Along Blanket (I like it so much that I used blanket twice!)  I got inspired by Sewing Daisies tutorial of her Kaffe Fusion Blanket.  I chose 2 floral charm packs, both by Moda, that had similar shades of red, blue, and cream. 

However, the other colors, the grays from Etchings by 3 Sisters and the browns from Collection for a Cause-Legacy by Howard Marcus don't really jive with each other, so I decided to seperate them by using them on opposite sides.     I may or may not keep this particular layout. 

I'm making my blanket to measure 6 squares by 7 squares totaling 84 charm squares.  With the added crochet edging, each block should finish at 6 inches squared and that should make up to be a nice sized 36" x 42" lap quilt. I used up all of my charm squares with the exception of 3 oddball shades of blue that don't mesh well with the rest of the colors in either collection.


Here is my first practice block.  I used a neutral grey thread to top stitch my charm block.  I used red cotton crochet thread for my blanket stitch.

Little Miss Shabby provides a great tutorial on getting started with sewing the charm squares and adding the blanket stitching.


Michelle said...

Looking forward to seeing your progress, Christie! Looks like fun!

Christie said...

Thanks Michelle, now that I know you're lurking, er watching, then I'll have someone to show off to...besides Laura, and Peg, and Robin, you're one of my fav quilting heroes! ;-)